Customer Lifecycle Management

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Capturing Data for Strategy & Analysis

We review current business goals and strategize on the best data to capture, how and when to capture it, and then develop a roadmap that includes best practices.


Building Platforms/Tools & Data Storage

We create a dynamic infrastructure to enable your company to continually deliver actionable insights. We employ AI, Machine and Deep Learning to improve performance and enhance decision making speed and accuracy.

Leveraging Analytics & Customer Intelligence

We create diagnostics to discover your most valuable customers as well as your most profitable product bundles. Our predictive modeling allows you to develop the right messaging at the right time to maximize conversion.

Increasing Customer Retention & Lifetime Value

We drive down the cost of customer acquisition, aid in retention and maximizing lifetime value by detailing underperformance and analyzing purchase pattern behaviors.



Our Offerings

  • Data Capture Strategy and Analysis

  • Platform Analysis and Recommendations

  • Data Storage Mapping and Flow

  • Purchase Pattern Behavioral Analysis

  • Diagnostic Funnel Optimization

  • Marketing and Lifestage Planning​

  • ​Sales Channel Analysis

  • Customer Segmentation

  • Segmentation Messaging

  • Loyalty Program Creation

  • Loyalty Program Benchmarking & Analysis

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