Sales Efficiency

Improve Sales Cycles. Lift Revenues.

We define the deal lifecycle and identify rules, perceptions, communications and gaps in the process, identify causes and recommend custom solutions to scale quickly.

Shortening Sales Cycles & Paths to Revenue

We analyze sales force and marketing channel performance, to ensure brand awareness and discovery are maximized and the sales funnel is optimized.


Maximizing Sales Channel Effectiveness

We ensure that your delivery standards meet customer expectations, that best practices are in place and that account reps are empowered to address customer needs.


Customer Retention

We review workflow stage by stage across people, process and technology to ensure operations are aligned with business goals.



Work-Flow Processes


Our Offerings

  • Deal Lifecycle Mapping

  • Gap Analysis

  • People, Process and Technology Reviews

  • Strategic Account Review

  • Product Loss Review

  • Client Expectation Benchmarking​

  • Sales Channel Analysis

  • Funnel Optimization

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