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Live Commerce 

History Channel 

The HISTORY Channel was looking for new ways to engage their audience and add an ecommerce component for their show American Pickers. American Pickers partnered with Collectors Quest, a collecting related website managed by Lizard Strategy.

Collectors Quest handled the inventory and the sale of the items and hosted brands for the TV show. The sales items were promoted on TV, social media, and the web providing a seamless buying experience, and yielding deeper engagement due to the interactive nature of the platform. 

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Increased Revenue
  • Created an alternate revenue stream with live shopping tie-ins


  • 100% inventory sellout

Increased Engagement
  • 10x engagement over current website


  • 25,000 viewers over 4 events


  • Avg. time on site post event: 5.09 minutes


  • 10K+ Guides to Collecting downloaded

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