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After massive growth in sales and in the organization, we decided to take a thoughtful pause and re-examine our flow and infrastructure looking forward, to make sure we were maximizing sales retention and delighting our customers with top-notch customer service for Sales, Service and Delivery.

Lizard Strategy dove right in looking at whether we were using our staffing resources efficiently and ensuring we created best practices in sales and service delivery. It was as if they were part of our organization from the very first few days. They learned our business, customers' needs and bottlenecks in a very efficient, prompt, intelligent and pleasant manner. 

In a state of such rapid growth, any leadership team might benefit from an objective, fresh set of eyes. With Lizard Strategy’s partnership, we were able to identify potential roadblocks, and make sure we are keeping track of the growth and retention. 

Lizard Strategy was an invaluable partner in our scalable strategy moving forward. 

Lital Gilad-Shaoulin,

Founding Partner at Perseverance Factor;

former VP Sales, Global Strategic Accounts at LivePerson

Lizard Strategy assisted Crunch in aligning our brand voice with our stated mission of showcasing fun and our training expertise while being entertaining. They helped to identify deficits in our social media content and guided a digital strategy for our Crunch branded content. Furthermore, they educated our team on current social media best practices. 

Lizard Strategy's strategic analysis was essential in upgrading our social media outreach efforts to identify new potential members and improving communications with our existing members.

Keith Worts,

CEO of Crunch Fitness

I worked with Lizard Strategy to support the digital efforts of my brand. At the time, my company was relatively new so it was helpful that they did an in-depth assessment of my brand and of the competitive environment, and shared some best practices from the industry. 

Their plan led to some quick wins: they recommended that we transition to offer free shipping (we saw an increase in revenue that more than covered the increase in cost – just as she said), we enhanced our newsletter program to better capture potential customers, and we defined what digital platforms to activate. Lizard Strategy is very experienced in    ecommerce and in the digital space in general. I highly recommend them to help drive your business. 

Gustavo Sanchez,

Co-founder and CEO of Jijamas


Liz worked as a Strategy Consultant on the development of global websites for Sundance Channel. She was a great champion for the project while we navigated the development of websites and social media platforms, helping ensure we were not only executing well but also getting the best value from the other agencies involved. She was an essential member of the team and her work was of great value.

Jennie Morris,

SVP, Content Strategy & Planning at Warner Media;

former VP of Global Marketing at AMC Networks

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