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Live Shopping and Social Commerce

Go live. Get engagement. Make buying easier.


Creating a

Live Shopping Strategy

We help you identify and leverage your brand’s expertise to generate powerful programming that resonates with customers. We create the full run of show and guide you on how to maximize conversion.


Choosing a

Live Shopping Platform

We help you select the best platform based on your needs whether you want to host on your own website or prefer to broadcast to social. We develop a roadmap for launch including post-event interactions


Maximizing Purchase and Engagement 

We grow consumer touchpoints across multiple platforms and focus on the specific needs of the customer at each stage of the customer journey whether they are in decision mode, have recently purchased for the first time or remain a longtime customer.


Developing Brand Loyalty Pre/Post Event

We create loyalty programs to cultivate your VIPs and help them evangelize your brand. We segment and tailor customer messaging depending on life stage and identify purchase triggers to help move customers to the next level. 

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