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with Liz Kressel

A 4-week hands-on bootcamp on optimizing your site for sales starting February 3rd!

  • About to launch a site?

  • Getting traffic but not converting buyers?

  • About to spend money on digital ads?

Join me for Group Coaching and 1-on-1 sessions in Sites that Sell!

In this Online Training You'll Learn:

  • Best Practices to Encourage Customers to Buy

  • Examples of Good and Bad Sales Execution

  • Identify Sources of Customer Friction on your Site

  • How to Optimize Your Site for Purchase

Who Will Benefit from This Training?

Individual Brands/Product Lines

Learn how to  build brand awareness, capture lost sales, and build brand loyalty 

Service Providers

Learn how to showcase your expertise  and generate leads for your business

Multi-Vendor Storefronts 

Learn how to increase your average order size and better retain customers 



EJ Boyce, Founder

"Liz is a small business' dream consultant/advisor!

 We hired Liz to evaluate the user experience on our website and she gave us amazing strategies that drove interaction and sales!


We had an incredibly successful launch and sales that exceeded our goals."


All the Restaurants

John Donohue, Artist

"Liz is one of the most responsive, cooperative, imaginative, and efficient consultants I've ever worked with. I recently hired her to relaunch my ecommerce site in advance of a major product launch. This involved tight deadlines and the need to migrate two different platforms onto one site.


Not only did she and her team execute on time and with perfection, they repeatedly went beyond the scope of work to make everything functional. And she brought new ideas that resulted in major savings of time and effort on my part."



Gustavo Sanchez, Founder and CEO

"I worked with Lizard Strategy to support the digital efforts of my brand. At the time, my company was relatively new so it was helpful that they did an in-depth assessment of my brand and of the competitive environment, and shared some best practices from the industry. Their plan led to some quick wins. 


Lizard Strategy is very experienced in ecommerce and in the digital space in general. I highly recommend them to help drive your business."

Liz Kressel headshot

Liz is an ecommerce strategist and innovator, optimizing and launching revenue

streams for both Investors and Brands. She was an early pioneer in the shoppable

content space creating content and ecommerce integrations across multiple

platforms including TV. Her mantra is "Leave No Dollar Behind" and she

specializes on ensuring companies maximize engagement leading to purchase.


After receiving her MBA in Finance and International Business from New York

University, Liz has spent the last 15+ years optimizing and generating new

revenue streams for International giants and Fortune 500 companies alike

including Rakuten, ViacomCBS, Keurig, VF Corporation, Disney, and TIAA. Liz

created Lizard Strategy to build an omnichannel approach for companies to drive

increased revenue, reduce costs and maximize the lifetime value of each

customer across their commerce platforms.


Previously, Liz founded Collectors Quest, a digital ecommerce company, raising $2

million to fund its launch and growth, including securing a million-dollar strategic 

partnership with A+E Networks to showcase merchandise from popular

shows Pawn Stars, American Pickers, American Restoration and Counting Cars as

well as delivering custom content for History Channel’s special programming

division and Integrating content and live commerce early on proved

very successful. The result: a complete merchandise sellout in its first three

months.  The site attracted fans from over 80 countries, gaining rich engagement

of 20 page views a user and over 5 minutes average time on the site. 


Liz currently is the Managing Director of Lizard Strategy and serves on the Board

of BEON, a shoppable OTT channel. Liz started her early days in ecommerce

working on lifestyle-based subscription models (cooking, health, crafting, DIY) for

the big media giants. She has also had the good fortune to spend the past few

years working on global ecommerce projects in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi

Arabia, Russia, Peru, the UK and Australia in addition to her work at home in the

United States.

Increase Your Online Revenue Now

Seats are limited. Don't miss out!

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